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About Six Chefs

No one needs a new knife.

You already have a kitchen knife, you don't need another one.

Yet, you're here.

Why would you be looking at other knives if you're satisfied with the one you already have?

Is it because there's nothing special about the one you have now?

Don't worry. I felt the same.

I travelled to the USA and Japan to find the best knives in the world. The kind of knife that when you touch it there's a little moment of "ohhhh, that's nice."

Then you chop something with it and it's like "ohhhhhhhh, that's really nice."

I studied Japanese knives for 15 months, visited 40 manufacturers in Japan and I looked at over 100 knives.

Then, I found the one. It's perfect.

It looks great, balanced, enough space for my hand (I have large hands), easy to grip and sharp. Super sharp.

It also needed to be easy to sharpen. One thing I learnt about Japanese knives is that they be a total pain to sharpen. My first Japanese knife would take over an hour to sharpen on a whetstone (I learnt that lesson the hard way).

So the final test came down to a sharpening test. How easy would this knife be to sharpen?

This new knife?

Less than 5 minutes on a whetstone.

It ticked all the boxes. So I brought them home to Australia.

I realised how I wanted to share these knives with my friends and family, so I started imported the knives. People started buying them and the reviews have been fantastic.

My partner wanted a smaller handled knife and one that was a little lighter.

So I went back to Japan and visited my knife makers. It turns out they make exactly that.

A lighter, smaller handled version of the knife I love - and women seem to ask for a knife with these characteristics a lot.

We have those knives, too.