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Yanagiba & Deba

The Deba knife also does a fantastic job as a 6" (15cm) chef/vegetable knife when combined with the Yanagiba for longer slicing. 
The Yanagiba is perfect for slicing meat and fish. Its long narrow blade glides through the flesh, without tearing. Sometimes called a sashimi knife, a Yanagiba is the go-to knife for slicing salmon, tuna or meat.

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  • Long-lasting sharp edge 
  • 6" Deba
  • 8.5" Sushi knife
  • Made in Japan
  • Ultra sharp 10-degree sharpening angle


  • Yanagiba weight: 130 g
  • Yanagiba blade L 21 cm, H 3.2 cm, W 0.2 cm
  • Deba weight: 150 g
  • Deba blade: L 16 cm, H 4.7 cm, W 0.25 cm
  • Handles: Black Pakkawood
  • Hardness: HRC-59 +-1
  • Steel: AUS 8 & SUS 1A.